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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 2022 taxable social security

Instructions and Help about 2022 taxable social security

My friends to another edition of the heritage wealth planning YouTube channel after a couple episodes of talking about software and website development I want to give back to pet peeve of mine which is social security taxation because this gets overlooked all the time by people and it should not be because the vast majority of the vast majority the predominant amount of Americans at retirement are getting the bulk of their income from Social Security now Social Security's tax very favorably I've talked about multiple episodes on on my youtube channel but once you break the threshold not only are you subject to federal taxation on a social security benefit but here I'm going to share with you an article um just read and Kiplinger's about the 13 states that also tax your Social Security benefit and so you may think you're out of the woods because you're not paying any federal taxation or minimal federal taxation on Social Security yeah let's think again so let's get right into it so I'm minimize myself here kibbeh lenders is such a wonderful seeing online or hardcopy cannot recommend it enough they're just 10 times better in Forbes what's the other one money Matt Money Magazine is a joke don't buy money magazine just can't take it Forbes a lot of self-interested writers and Forbes I've noticed over the last couple years I don't think he used to be like that but maybe it was I was just too ignorant to know but seems like a lot of people write in Forbes have stuff to sell you and I'm not even sure if they pay to get in Forbes I don't know but Kiplinger's just I've done these is fantastic so here's the the one from sandra block that was written February to 15 2022 13 states to tax Social Security tax Social Security benefits I live in Georgia so first and foremost just to get out of the way in Georgia we do have a state income tax trust me I see it every year and I pay it once you hit 65 years old though if you're you have 65 thousand dollars of income that just wiped away from your taxes if you're married filing jointly you double that and 65 times two is 130 right yeah 130 so if you're married filing jointly you can have a hundred thirty thousand dollars of income and not pay a penny to a nathan Deal the good governor Georgia which is pretty fantastic so I just want to get out of the way and I actually don't know what these thirteen states are so we're gonna go this look at together for the first time as it is of interest so miss block says no no standard block I wonder if I've come across her writings before a name sounds familiar to me I have to look her up our Social Security benefits tax well you better believe it.

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