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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Social security benefits worksheet lines 5a and 5b

Instructions and Help about Social security benefits worksheet lines 5a and 5b

Whether you are hosts of retirement or in your early work in years there is a step that you need to take today it really can't wait if you ignore it it could cost you thousands of dollars in missed Social Security benefits and it's just a little step that will take less than five minutes to so hang on for just a second I'm gonna tell you what this mistake is and the steps you need to take today to avoid it and if it's already happened how to fix it as well Music hey everyone I'm Devin Carroll and on this channel I'll write down on social security and make it easy to understand if you're new here consider subscribing and then click that Bell that way you'll be notified every time I come out with another helpful video also stay tuned and to the end of this video and I'm going to tell you how to get the blue print version of my book for free and seriously it's free completely free but first let's dive into this video because that's what you're here to see so what is this little step that you can take that may help you to avoid a big reduction in your social security benefits well it's a mistake in your Social Security earnings record now this earnings record is a history of your lifetime earnings that will be used for the purpose of calculating your Social Security benefit if your Social Security earnings have been recorded incorrectly or worse not at all it could make a big difference in your benefit amount so why is this such a big deal well it all goes back to how your benefit is calculated the Social Security Administration uses your highest 35 years of earnings as a cornerstone of the benefit calculation if any of those 35 years are incorrect or missing altogether the average gets skewed and mistakes in the Social Security earnings record are fairly common too you can look at the earnings suspense file for proof of that and that's where earnings go that they can't match up to an individual since the inception of Social Security there have been a total of 1.2 trillion dollars in wages that could not be matched to an individual and we're thus added to the earnings suspense file in tax year 2022 alone the Social Security Administration reported 71 billion dollars added to the file so why are there so many mistakes well most of these mistakes are not the fault of the Social Security ministration a lot of these mismatches are due to employer reporting errors or name changes like from a marriage or some of the clerical error like that but thankfully the Social Security ministration does have a good system for figuring these mistakes out and assigning the earnings to the correct records but nearly half of the mismatches are never occur did now some of these are due to.


How do you get out of poverty when you are disabled and not yet getting Social Security benefits?
Social Security Benefits were never designed to alleviate poverty. It is much worse today than say 10 years ago because the standard of living is so much higher. Please see if you can find some resources in your area through your local Department of Health or Social Services. Many times they have access to non profit organizations who can help you while you are waiting for disability payments. Asking for Vocational training in a different job may improve your self confidence and pryou with a better life. Not knowing what your disability is doesn't give me the information I would need to help you but, keep trying and keep researching.
How can I find out when I can retire and receive full benefits from the Social Security Administration?
Do you mean the "full" benefits you'd get at the Social Security Administration's defined "full retirement age?" Or do you mean the maximum possible monthly benefits?If you mean maximum possible monthly benefits, the answer is age 70, no matter how old you are now. If you mean "full retirement age," and you were born in 1960 or later, the answer is age 67. Otherwise, see the summary on the SSA website: Benefits Planner: RetirementAll of this, of course, is true as of today only. It's possible, and even likely, that there will be future changes that include raising the full retirement age even further.
Identity Theft: AT&T fraud, someone has used my social security and password to open 8 new lines on my phone account, how could this happen?
Thank you for the A2A. There are a multitude of ways that your SSN and PW could have been compromised - this happens frequently. SSN’s, DOBs, PW, PINS, etc, are sold for just a few dollars. The information is sometimes obtained from internal sources, and sometimes from other sources. Often people prtheir SSN when they feel that it is “required” and then in a different place they prtheir PIN because they think it is required, and the information is then combined and used for identity theft. Other times people unknowingly reveal the information, having no idea that it has been compromised. Those are just a couple of examples. Every one should be aware that the only way to protect their identity is to protect it themselves, and to look at their accounts on a daily basis. One easy way to do this is using a service such as Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Data I use the free service there and it has worked well for me for many years. You can use it to monitor all of your financial accounts, and notify you when certain things take place. You set up the criteria for the notifications. For example, I have mine set up notify me if more than one dollar is spent out of any account (bank/credit card/etc). There are services that you can pay for, but I have found the yodlee (free) one is far better than the ones that have to be paid for.But that is going forward - right now you need to deal with what just happened and recover from that. I assume that you have reported it already. Be sure to also report it at Identity Theft Recovery Steps immediately, and follow the instructions they pryou. You asked if there were red flags raised. Maybe yes, maybe no. The way I look at things, the prevalence of identity theft nowadays is in essence, a red flag for me, and for everyone, warning us to take appropriate measures to protect our own information. For more information, message me - but please do not send me any of your personal information.
How can I retire early and move to the Philippines without losing social security benefits?
You won’t. What you will lose is your Medicare.I retired early to the Philippines in 2022 when I was 60. I had met my wife who is a Filapina in 2022 through her sister here in the U.S. We were married in 2022 after bringing her here through a Fiancee visa. Unfortunately at that time she did not like it here and wanted to go back to the Philippines. So our plan was to cash out one of my pensions and live on my other two until I turned 62 and could get my Social Security. Three months before my 62nd birthday, I applied for Social Security from the Manila office. When my daughter was born in 2022. I applied for Social Security for her which turned out to be really important for our family. You see , Social Security has this rule that a child under the age of 18 can receive half of the parents social security and the person taking care of the child can also get half until the child is 16. At the time I thought it was a death benefit only and would not start until after I died. I found out in 2022 that my daughter had been accruing $1100 a month for about 4 years, all because of the fact I had applied for her Social Security at birth. However there was a catch in getting the money. She had to be physically present for one calendar month in the U.S. in order for the benefit to start and I had to get proof of her U.S. citizenship which was challenging. So here I am back in the good ol• US of A.To get your money you will have to set up a direct deposit in one of the banks. The Manila office will pra list of banks and mail or email forms you will need to sign. Then you have to go to the bank you select to set up your direct deposit. You have to physically go to the bank to get money. The date for my deposit had I applied in the U.S. would have been on the third Wednesday of the month, but I think all foreign deposits are on the third as was mine.Medicare is not available outside the U.S. and its territories.You basically will have to pay for any health issues. Their insurance is not very good if you can get it and you need the original receipt in order to use it, Which I did not know when I tried. Good news is that most medical and dental are a lot cheaper in the Philippines and often is what you would pay in a deductible here.I don’t know your situation or why you want to retire to the Philippines or if you know anything about the Philippines, so I just give you this warning. Even though the Philippines has modeled their country around the U.S., it is not the U.S. People can get deported at the whim of a government official or an accusation of a citizen or fighting and anything illegal.
How likely is it that someone who is about to retire, after being forced to pay into Social Security, will be means tested out of benefits?
Social Security benefits can be limited by the source and amount of other income that you receive. If this counts as “means tested” in your definition of the phrase then it is rare, but given the particular set of circumstances for an individual, it could be likely.If you have a government pension from other employment that you had during you working years, you could face a Government Pension Offset (GPO) which could eliminate your SS benefits altogether if the GP is high enough.The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) is another limitation that could limit your SS benefits.Thanks
If I don't earn enough money on social security to file income taxes, will I still need an income tax return to fill out a FAFSA, and other financial aid forms for my daughter?
No. Just prthe information requested on the form. If you later need proof you didn't file, you can get that from the IRS BY requesting transcripts.
Is social security going to run out and how should this be remedied or reformed?
Is social security going to run out and how should this be remedied or reformed?Social Security is not going to run out. If nothing is done, in 2032 or so, every benficiary will suddenly get about 20+% less in their benefit checks OR the federal government will simply go into debt to continue your (my) benefits. That won’t happen. Government will simply raise the FICA taxes and I will continue to receive my benefits. It is a pyramid scheme without qualification. These are some of the possibilities of how to not “run out”.How to not run out:When 12.4% of all gross income is deposited into an account owned by the worker, then, and only then, will social security be reformed. Today, Congress owns your SS account and can raise or lower your benefits AND raise your contributions. Today, ordinary middle class Americans get a 1% ROI on their retirement investment. A monkey could have done better. SS is retirement, life insurance and disability insurance. I defy anyone reading this to find a policy with worse benefits that SS. As a metric, try this: put 10.4% of your income into an FDIC savings account (study the return on those accounts since 1938), buy term life insurance (the “S” in OASDI), and buy disability insurance (the “D” in OASDA). As I said, a monkey could have done better that FDR and all following believers of the pyramid scheme • also known as SOCIAL SECURITY. Democrats want control of you and our money. SS is a demonstration of that fact.
How does social security survivor benefits work? How long do they last and what percentage of full benefits are granted to the survivors?
Kids receive up to a 75% benefit based on the deceased parent's benefit amount. the maximum amount a family can receive is 150-180% of the deceased person's benefit amount. The benefit is judged as the amount you would have received had you worked until age 65. If your child is disabled, he or she would also receive Medicare. Just remember, all benefits stop when the child reaches age 18 or 19 if they have not graduated high school. Widow's benefits are generally 75% of the diseased person's benefit and if the children are under age 16. the following is from The United States Social Security Administration Widow or widower, full retirement age or older --100 percent of your benefit amount,Widow or widower, age 60 to full retirement age -- 71½ to 99 percent of your basic amount,Disabled widow or widower, age 50 through 59 -- 71½ percent,Widow or widower, any age, caring for a child under age 16 -- 75 percent.A child under age 18 (19 if still in elementary or secondary school) or disabled -- 75 percent.Your dependent parent(s), age 62 or older:One surviving parent -- 82½ percent.Two surviving parents -- 75 percent to each parent.
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