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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Social security benefits worksheet 2022

Instructions and Help about Social security benefits worksheet 2022

Everyone bill that's been here for money evolution calm in today's video blog I want to talk about working while collecting Social Security benefits more specifically I want to talk about working while collecting Social Security before your full retirement age so this is a topic that I think has been a little bit confusing for some people so hopefully after watching today's video things will make a little bit more sense for you so as you may know if you're working and collecting Social Security benefits before your full retirement age the Social Security Administration has some limitations as to how much income you can earn for the year for 2022 the number is sixteen thousand nine hundred twenty dollars so if you earn more than that sixteen thousand nine or twenty dollars you're gonna have to pay back one dollar in benefits for every two dollars that you earn over the limit so to kind of make this really simple if you're say ten thousand dollars over that earnings limit you're gonna have to give back half of that or five thousand dollars you have to pay back to the Social Security Administration so the first thing is that if you're gonna be working and collecting Social Security benefits really put some thought into it and make sure that you're gonna be underneath that earnings limitation because if you end up over that things can really get a little bit complicated and I'm gonna share with you at the end of this video a real example of one of our clients that ended up having a situation that ended up being pretty confusing so I think you'll hopefully find that interesting so make sure you actually need that make sure you're going to be under the earnings limitation now there's a couple of exceptions to that earnings limit one is in the very first year that you apply for and begin collecting your Social Security benefits in that first year you're allowed to receive a full unreduced Social Security check for any month at the Social Security Administration considers you to be retired for 2022 that limit is fourteen hundred ten dollars for the month so if you are in less than fourteen hundred and ten dollars for the month you're going to be considered retired you're going to be able to receive a full Social Security check where that number came from that's simply that sixteen thousand nine hundred twenty dollars divided by twelve comes out to be that fourteen hundred ten dollars so a quick example of that let's say that you're planning on retiring at the end of August so you're going to receive your first Social Security check in September you can earn as much as you earn for those first eight months of the year and then as long as you earn less than that fourteen hundred ten dollars from September through the rest of the year you'll be able to collect.

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