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Instructions and Help about irs pub 915

Channel today's entry pretty interesting for you because it talks about taxation of Social Security benefits and everybody is gonna get Social Security unfortunately I think the lot of people don't realize how Social Security is taxed and so I want to share with you a video I came across on YouTube because one I'm very visual a learner let me just minimize myself here and I find that too one of the reasons I'm doing these heritage wealth planning YouTube videos is because for people like me who are visual learner financial planning concepts leave a lot to be desired online for YouTube that is if you go to Google there's just a ton of stuff your blog posts and whatnot and podcasts are okay I listen to a lot of podcasts when I'm driving but you can't take notes or anything and blogs are good but man there's just so much stuff in there and for a visual learner a blog is it just takes more time for me if I can see and hear at the same time it's just easier for me to to grasp the concepts that the the person the host is talking about so which is why I'm doing this channel because you know that might be you so I typed in is Social Security taxable on the YouTube via a new tube comm and I came up with you know some stuff here a lot of its kind of antiquated this one is six years old from the Social Security Administration three years old four years old two years old so a lot of us antiquated and nothing inherently wrong with that but obviously if you go to Google and you type in some stuff most those blog posts are gonna be used within the last six months or something like that because the pages that are the folks who are doing those blog posts have a lot of what's called Authority where people are linking to their websites going to websites all the time YouTube which is owned by Google by the way which is kind of ironic it doesn't have the same level of of notoriety when it comes to financial planning advice so so I'm gonna share with you actually this video so I typed in his social security tax well clicked on the social security lady and we're gonna talk about it here for just a second because I think it's interesting I'm gonna fast-forward to 44 spec mark and I'm gonna be quiet for a second because I'd like for you to hear what she says did you did you hear that other income includes pensions wages dividends and capital gains when it comes to determining how much you're yours how much you're gonna pay in taxes on your Social Security benefit there's a big omission there should not include tax-exempt interest my friends tax-exempt interest municipal bond interest for instance that is also included in.