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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing social security income tax form

Instructions and Help about social security income tax form

He's claiming Social Security benefits at the earliest age possible of 62 the best strategy that is the subject of this episode Music welcome back to another episode of The Financial Fastlane my name is Layne Martinson and when we consider claiming Social Security benefits there is a strong tendency to want to get those benefits as soon as possible at age 62 the majority of Americans who are eligible to receive benefits do claim them at age 62 but is that really the best strategy a few months ago I created a video we had an episode where we talked about the differences of claiming and delaying and what that looks like and we broke that down if you haven't had a chance to see that video I would suggest you look at it that video has received a lot of attention and hundreds of comments and it was interesting to see how many people commented where they took issue with one of my statements in that video where I pointed out that 74 percent of everyone who is currently receiving Social Security benefits are receiving less than what they were eligible to receive and that that was a result of poor planning and so I wanted to clarify that point there are there are many times who are claiming early claiming at age 62 is the best option but it really depends on your specific situation and a lot of times people they feel like that's their only possible option there could be and not maybe taking into account that other people situations are quite different than theirs and so there are it is quite complex and when you take into account taxation on Social Security when you take into account the other factors when you're taken to a account you know if you're married or if you're single sources of income health there's so many different things that go into a good plan and more often than not people are leaving money on the table because they just claim early they have no they really kind of have no confidence in any kind of long-term planning so in this episode here I want to share a clip this is from a panel of experts from the American College and they discuss this very issue and so I hope you find this beneficial please share comments so well you know we've seen longevity come up a couple times and I think we're going to jump over to a different topic now and talk about Social Security right because that's you know if not the most important aspect of retirement in America is an income source it's got to be right up there right it's going to be the primary income source for most of Americans and as students who have been in my classes before you might remember I kind of go around when we get to Social Security and I point at people I say you.